Who Are We?

Henry Matthews is the fourth generation of Matthews and Haddow families to farm at Ngamatapouri, 55km up the Waitotara Valley Rd – the longest no-exit road in New Zealand. Traditionally a sheep and beef farming operation, Henry diversified and began a beekeeping enterprise to harvest honey from the regenerating Manuka.

Where Does our Honey Originate From?

Settlers Honey Ltd has developed working relationships with land owners around the North Island of NZ.

Hives are shifted to the different locations as the Manuka comes into flower.

With the heat of the summer the nectar begins to flow.

Our busy bees harvest the nectar producing pure Manuka Honey and our amazing team of Apiarists collect the boxes full of honey for the crew in the Extraction Plant to put into a jar for you.

Each jar of honey can be traced back to the honey site it was sourced from and is rigorously tested to determine the quality of the honey.

The Process

Spring – As the chill of the winter subsides the bees can look for other food sources. The hives are relocated to areas where NZ’s native bush begins to flower; namely Kamahi, Rewarewa and Rata. Our Apiarists tend to the hives regularly, producing nuclear hives where they can and adding additional queens. This is an important part of improving the strength of the hives as well as increasing the number of hives.

Summer – The bush honey is brought into the Extraction Plant to produce Makowhai Native Blend and the hives are shifted to the Manuka clad hills of back country NZ. With the heat of the summer sun the bees will feed on the nectar of the Manuka flower and produce rich Manuka Honey.

Autumn – As the honey flow comes to an end our Apiarists collect the honey, check the health of the hives and produce new hives where they can. The honey is delivered to Settlers Honey Extraction Plant to be processed*.

Winter – hives are relocated to warm areas rich in sources of flower and/or pollen such as garden flowers and gorse. The bees are supplemented with an additional food source as required.

*This process is audited through Asure Quality to ensure it meets the standard set out in our Risk Management Program registered with the Ministry of Primary Industries (NZ).

The Research

The Molan Gold Standard™ is a government accepted certification mark that appraises the natural marker methylglyoxal found in Manuka honey, and assures purity and quality. The Molan Gold Standard is set to give our consumers full confidence that what they are purchasing has an accurate, scientifically conducted measurement of the claimed methylglyoxal content.

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Photo Gallery

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