Organic Mānuka Honey

Our hives are located in the remote Moeawatea Valley in South Taranaki. This block of land has not been actively farmed since 1990 and is many kilometers away from industrial and intensive agricultural or horticultural production. Settlers Honey has total control over the entire production chain from hive to jar: harvested, extracted, packed and labelled on our own premises. From the harvest area to processing is 15km.

Once harvested, the honey is carefully extracted and processed at hive temperature, gently stirred during the packing process to provide a consistent creamy texture. Laboratory analysis determines that this honey is Monofloral Mānuka, has high Mānuka pollen and high diastase. There is no evidence of acidic herbicides, glyphosate, heavy metals, or excessive C4 Sugars.

Pure Organic Honey from our farm to your table.